To create opportunities that empower performing artists across the disability spectrum to share their talents, both within the disability community and the wider world.


A world in which performing artists across the disability spectrum achieve all of their dreams, unencumbered by policies, systems, resource constraints and mindsets that limit their potential.



To be for the arts/entertainment industry what the Paralympics and Special Olympics are for the sports industry.

SHOWAbility Delvis and Fan


1. We are passionate about the performing arts (including music, theater, dance, poetry, and film) and their potential to provide entertainment, enjoyment, employment, education and empowerment to participants.

2. We strive to be thought-leaders, and are committed to being innovative, creative and forward-thinking in the execution of our mission.

3. We are committed to advocacy for the disability community and work to elevate key individuals and organizations who represent excellence, equality, inclusion and justice for people with disabilities.

4. We acknowledge and honor the critical role of care partners or caregivers in supporting performers in the disability community, and seek opportunities to support their engagement and well-being.

5. We believe accessibility is a right for all human begins. We strive to find and create spaces where performance artists in the disability community can thrive, advocate for accessible spaces for talent to perform and recommend best practices for adoption by other organizations.

6. We prioritize cultivation of spaces for exploration, education and training. Through exploration, education and training, we can help performers increase self-esteem, develop artistic talents, gain confidence in performing in front of others, and ultimately become self advocates.

Arts and Entertainment have often been the impetus for positive systemic change worldwide. SHOWAbility, Inc. (formerly ABEL 2, Inc.) is ready to make Georgia the model state and America the global leader in valuing differences and celebrating similarities for a more humane societal view for all people. Almost everyone knows someone, or has a relative, with a disability. Because PwD is the largest minority population with the largest disposable and discretional income of any minority group, the opportunity to impact the lives of nearly half of the people in the world is possible. All it takes is the will and the desire to make a better world for now and in the future. SHOWAbility proves ability through creativity. We believe that everybody deserves a stage and everybody deserves a good time.

Over the years, SHOWAbility has been working to showcase the abilities of people with disabilities (PwD) in hopes of changing the stigma narrative to one of capabilities rather than focusing on their challenges. Thanks to the recent Netflix movie CRIP CAMP, TV Sitcoms like SPEECHLESS, and Reality Shows like AMERICA’S GOT TALENT as well as major corporations embracing “inclusion”; the general population is slowly opening their eyes to recognize that people with disabilities are very capable, just in different ways – differently-able.