Group picture at 2019 Disability Awareness Career DaySHOWAbility is for people with visible and invisible disabilities and the supportive people who love them. 

SHOWAbility is the ally that uplifts the gifts of people with disabilities to be valued and enjoyed by the world without limitations or barriers. In a visible, catchy, and fun-loving way, all of SHOWAbility programming seek to increase awareness and visibility for the talents and capabilities of people with disabilities so they can pursue their dream to shine on stage while being valued for their uniqueness.  

SHOWAbility is on the leading edge, initiating unique change by fearlessly creating programming that “values differences”, “enjoys similarities”, and “embraces oneness” of all people without being patronizing.  All are seen as able; not unable, broken, or sick. 

Who knew that people with disabilities (PwD) represent the largest MINORITY group in America (64 Million people with disabilities - 20% USA population and 1.3 Billion people with disabilities worldwide) ...and is the only minority group that anyone can join at any time?  Moreover, who knew that the Disability community represents $490 billion in disposable income and $21 billion in discretionary income (higher than the combined discretionary income of African-American and Hispanic populations ($19 billion)? 

SHOWAbility received a Proclamation from Fulton County Board of Commissioners for our efforts to empower talented performing artists on the disability spectrum


SHOWAbility knew…and as a 501(c)3 nonprofit human services organization, SHOWAbility is working creatively to use Music and Performing Arts as its platform for Empowerment (Advocacy), Education, Employment and Enjoyment.